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This website is currently undergoing extensive redesign and is a delightfully chaotic construction site. If you are looking for my (German) triathlon blog, click here. If you are looking for my (English) blog on my AI learning journey, click here.

Diese Website wird gerade überarbeitet und ist eine wunderbar chaotische Baustelle. Mein (deutschsprachiges) Triathlon-Blog findest du hier. Mein (englisches) Blog über meine Wissensreise zu KI findest du hier.

// Simone Ines Lackerbauer

What you need to know about me

I am a Gen-Y digital native in my 30s. I grew up with the shift from ISDN to DSL, from cassettes to MP3s, and from retro pixel art to high-end 3D graphics. I am a media and communications scientist and half a sociologist. I conduct(ed) all my research in the delightful field of science, technology and society studies, covering identity-building in virtual worlds, science fiction, early cyberculture, hackers, and environmental technology acceptance. I am branching out into questions of AI, the metaverse, and the digitization of everything.

I am a data-driven Product Manager, an agile project-based Product Owner, a creative Brand Developer, and an Idea Shaper with professional experience since 2005 as a student and since 2008 as a grown-up employee and freelancer. My on-stage and teaching/coaching skills are not bad either.

I am a triathlete

Besides being a nerd and a creative person who loves to illustrate, draw, paint, and write, I am a triathlete and triathlon has been a huge part of my life since 2018. As with everything I do in my private and in my professional life, I dug deep into everything that is part of the triathlon bubble (training methodology, equipment, measuring, competitions, you name it) and I blogged about my triathlon journey every Sunday for two years until COVID-19 made me question why I was still writing about nothing happening at all regarding competitions or even proper training.

I am still writing about this exciting and demanding sport (and doing triathlon!) but no longer on a regular basis.

If you want to connect with me elswhere on the Internet, you can find me here:

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